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15 reasons to franchise with 7-Eleven® in 2015

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Who doesn’t love 7-Eleven?

As a franchisee, you become part of a brand that’s known and loved around the world. Our Slurpee® drinks, Big Gulps®, coffee and other iconic products have been a convenient part of people’s lives for decades.

Entrepreneur magazine made us #1 on its Top Global Franchises list.

We couldn’t be prouder of this ranking, which was compiled from our impressive Franchise 500® score. We must be doing something right!

We’re best for vets.

Our CEO Joe DePinto says veterans know how to get a mission done. He should know. DePinto is a retired U.S. Army officer and a huge advocate for our U.S. Military veterans. With that kind of support from the top, plus special military discounts and financing, it’s no wonder Military Times included 7-Eleven in its BEST FOR VETS: Franchises rankings.

Be a part of a company that’s plugged in to all kinds of cool organizations.

Diversity is at the heart of so much of what we do at 7-Eleven. That’s why we stay closely involved with the programs and organizations that represent a variety of communities, cultures and ideas. The National Society of Hispanic MBAs, the National Association of Women MBAs, VetFran, Professional Athletes Franchise Initiative and the International Franchise Association are just a few of the organizations that help shape our mission.

Franchise one store— or several stores.

It just depends on what kind of opportunity you’re looking for. We’ve got both single-store and multi-unit franchises available for qualified applicants.

Start-up money doesn’t have to be an issue.

Don’t let the money part stand in the way of a new future. If you’re serious about franchising, and if you qualify, you can take advantage of our internal financing program. Plus, from now until June 30, we’re waiving the initial franchise fee and certain other initial fees for limited stores in select markets. You’ve got options – let’s talk!

Our franchise model includes everything but the kitchen sink.

Come to think of it, the kitchen sink is included! We also provide the store, land and equipment plus extensive training and support. You bring the skills, focus and enthusiasm.

A gross profit split means we’re invested in your success.

Rather than sharing royalties on sales like most other franchises, 7-Eleven shares gross profits. In other words, your success really is as important to us as it is to you.

Start-up is faster than most franchises.

In just three to six months you can be holding the keys to your very own 7-Eleven franchise. That’s about the time it takes to finish a semester at college. Not bad for starting a brand new future!

We love technology (say it like a robot).

In fact, we’ve invested millions (and millions) into a system that allows you to streamline operations and stock your store with the items your customers want.

Our training is way C.O.O.L.

After a weeklong launch class at the store support center, you’ll head back to your community for four to six weeks of in-store and computer-based C.O.O.L. (College of Operations Leadership) training.

We’ve got your back.

Once you start the franchising process, a 7-Eleven professional will walk you through every step, from start-up and beyond! It’s like having your very own business mentor on hand to answer questions and give valuable advice.

You know you’ve always wanted your very own Slurpee® machine.

For all new stores, 7-Eleven purchases and installs a long list of equipment, including chili-cheese dispensers, cappuccino machines, coffee brewers – the list goes on and on.

Your revenue stream flows. All. Day. Long.

Since all 7-Eleven stores operate 24 hours a day, the revenue never stops. Nice.

You can own it — like a boss.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work for yourself and build a business that fits your life and your family’s life, then 2015 just might be your year to franchise with 7-Eleven!

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